Just returned from the capital in St. Paul. Thousands of healthcare workers came together to honor #GeorgeFloyd. #BlackLivesMatter

ED visits are still down 30-40% in Minneapolis, despite COVID. Many typical ED patients are not arriving given fears of infection at the hospital. We have seen many delayed presentations with worse outcomes given this.

MDH is reporting: 85,941 tests completed 7,234 + cases 428 deaths 396 hospitalized 166 in ICUs

Observations: 1. We are testing much more this week, 2. Several metro hospitals have much higher inpatient occupancy, 3. Deaths are up, 4. ICUs are being stressed

Couldn’t resist this beautiful day for grilling. Just put a small brisket on the smoker and next will be making meatloaf to smoke as well. Back to yard work after everything is on. Spring clean up. All the trees are budding.

Just got my Solaire Infrared grill ready for another season (did the deep clean), then moved on to my Good One Smoker (Open Range). They are ready to go!

Made sushi rolls last night with the family; everyone had his/her own bamboo roll. Tuna, salmon, yellow tail, eel, and spicy scallops. Pea shoots, cucumber, avocado, ponzu, roe, sesame seeds, and other treats. Yum.

Just installed a Netgear Nighthawk CM1200 cable modem and tripled our speed. Hopefully the thirst for broadband around here will be quenched for awhile. #shelter in place

ED volumes in Minneapolis are down an average of 40% compared with last April. Many patients who should be seeking care are not given fears of COVID-19. The EDs we provide care at cohort patients to avoid cross contamination. #TrafficControlBundling #EPPA

We are starting to hear that more testing for COVID-19 will be available at our hospitals in MN. This is great news on so many fronts (traffic control bundling, PPE use, bed selection/disposition, staff safety…). This is long overdue.

We are starting to use UV-C radiation to disinfect our N95 masks, which will allow us to reuse them at least 5 times, likely longer (perhaps 10 times). Instead of putting our masks aside for 5 days, they can be turned around quickly. Great news.

Hosting a “happy hour” via Zoom with 20+ medical school classmates from the around the country this evening. I know that we will be unable to resist a discussion about COVID-19. I look forward to seeing many old friends and expert clinicians.

Snowing today in Minneapolis, despite a beautiful Spring day yesterday. Time for Twin Cites-opoly with Cap today. I finally WON!

The Easter Bunny, fond of scavenger hunts, decided to use QR code “clues” inside of plastic eggs to keep the teens on the run for over an hour. Good stuff.

MDH list continued (2/2): Ill health care workers and their ill household contacts, ill patients 65 years of age and older, ill patients with underlying medical conditions, ill first responders who provide direct medical assistance, ill child care providers

MDH suggests that commercial laboratories prioritize: Ill individuals (residents or staff) in congregate living settings, ill dialysis patients, ill hospitalized patients, ill health care workers taking care of immunosuppressed patients…

MDH has updated their suggestions for testing and it now distinguishes priority at the MDH lab. Priorities are “ill individuals (residents or staff) in congregate living settings (long term care facilities, prisons/jails, homeless shelters, etc.) and Ill dialysis patients”.